The “HOG WIlD”

The “Hog Wild” is a fast, comfortable fishing machine! She is a custom 43’ Torres, built from the hull up by Capt. Ronnie. Safety features, a ice cold comfortable cabin, powerful Cummins engines and ample fishing space make the Hog Wild a top choice for your offshore fishing adventure!


THe Back Deck

The Hog Wild boasts an enormous 120 SQFT back deck. Providing ample room for all 6 anglers to fish comfortably without being shoulder to shoulder.


The cabin

The Hog wild’s cabin includes two full sized dining booths with bench sitting. Twin bunks and a “V” berth allow anglers a comfortable space to take a nap after a long day of fishing. Twin A/C’s provide a freezing cold cabin to relax in while traveling from spot to spot and a great place to cool off on hot summer days.